Saturday 16th November 2019
Royal Marine Hotel, Dun Laoghaire

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Call for Papers
“Is it not remarkable that, at the origin of the analytic experience, the real should have presented itself in the form of that which is unassimilable in it – in the form of the trauma…?” – Lacan, Seminar XI, The Four Fundamental Concepts of Psychoanalysis.
Deadline for Submissions: Monday September 16th, 2019.

The traumatised analysand has been the focus of psychoanalysis since its inception, from the ‘shell shocked’ war veterans of Freud’s early clinic to the Post-Traumatic-Stress-Disordered clients of the modern clinic. However, the presentation has evolved in its symptomatology and the phantasy that binds it. In a society scarred by brutal acts of terrorism and destabilised by incomprehensible breaches of trust by institutional authorities, can the signifier still function as  a commandment “even in the field of joiussance”? (Soler, 2005, p23) 

How do Lacanian psychoanalysts differ from the other post-Freudians in the treatment of this neurosis? 

Contributors are requested to submit a short abstract (250 words max) and title, to: with the subject line “APPI Congress 2019”. 

We urge reading groups to address this theme over the coming months, with special consideration of the Lacanian Real, jouissance, fantasy and the symptoms presented in the contemporary clinic. 

Suggested readings include: Beyond Gender: from subject to drive, Paul Verhaeghe; Lacan and Addiction: An Anthology, Yael Goldman Baldwin; Lacanian Affects: the function of affect in Lacan’s work, Colette Soler.

Recommendations for other relevant reading material may be forwarded to: 

Key note address by Martin J. Daly, Psychotherapist with the Irish Prison Service
Martin has been a prominent figure in Irish psychoanalysis, and in the training and supervision of Irish psychoanalysts, for many years. Much of his clinical work has taken place in Arbour Hill Prison and Wheatfield Prison. Martin is currently working with ex prisoners. Martin is a Registered Practitioner and a former Chair of APPI, a member of IFPP and a member of ICP. He taught on the Master’s degree courses at St. Vincent’s Hospital School of Psychotherapy, LSB and Dublin Business School for many years. He is currently a practicing psychoanalyst and a supervisor of other practitioners.