About APPI

Who We Are

APPI is the largest group of psychoanalytic clinicians in Ireland. We started out in 1993 as a relatively small group sharing an interest in psychoanalysis and drawn to the work of Freud and Lacan. Freudian Lacanian psychoanalysis and psychoanalytic psychotherapy remains our focus to this day.

Primary Objective

The Primary Object of the Association is to advance Freudian and Lacanian Psychoanalysis and Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy. In particular, in keeping with the Freudian principle, this advancement is centred on Personal Psychoanalysis as the indispensable means by which the practice of psychoanalysis and psychoanalytic psychotherapy can be transmitted, studied and understood.

Our Aims

APPI aims to advance Lacanian and Freudian psychoanalysis and psychotherapy as means and practice by which the individual may address the difficulties and questions that arise in his or her life, in relationships, and in the field of work.

The task that APPI undertakes is to provide and regulate the training of psychoanalysts and psychotherapists within a particular discipline based on the theories and tenets set out by Sigmund Freud and later by Jacques Lacan. This involves establishing structures so as to maintain the highest standards of training and of ethical practice, along with maintaining a register of suitably qualified psychotherapists and psychoanalysts. As a professional body, the responsibility of APPI also extends to establishing a Code of Ethics and Practice and maintaining Procedures in the Event of Complaint or Grievance.

In furtherance of the aim of advancing psychoanalysis, APPI also organises seminars and an Annual Congress and provides other structured forums through which members may continue their studies throughout their career. These events often involve eminent psychoanalysts and psychoanalytic psychotherapists from France, Spain, UK, Italy, USA and elsewhere coming to present their work in Ireland.

APPI also publishes a bi-annual blind peer-reviewed Journal entitled ‘Lacunae – Lacanian Journal of Psychoanalysis’.

APPI Code of Ethics

The Code of Ethics and Practice applies to Full Members of the Association, Registered Practitioner Members and Members on the Conditional Register. For ease of reading, the terms Psychotherapist and Psychotherapy specify Psychoanalytic Psychotherapists and Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy respectively. A psychoanalytic psychotherapist is a therapist whose practice is informed by the works of Sigmund Freud and Jacques Lacan.

APPI Policy & Constitution

View our policy and constitution documents here.

APPI Submissions & Position Statement

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