Clinical Seminar with Rik Loose. 22.04.2017


rik-seminar-finnegansPsychosis in Modern Times
Saturday 22 April 2017. 10:30–13:00
Room HG136, School of Nursing and Human Sciences, DCU, Glasnevin, Dublin 9.
APPI Members: €20, Non Members: €25, Students: €10

This seminar will start with a brief consideration of classic psychiatry including a reference to the famous French psychiatrist De Clerambault who had a huge influence on Lacan. The seeds of what was much later to become ordinary psychosis are to be located in some of his ideas. Via Lacan we will come to the main section of this seminar: psychosis considered from a post-oedipal point of view. We will then return to ordinary psychosis and the subtleties involved in its symptomatic manifestations in order to indicate how these relate to the modern era. A case will be presented to illustrate some of the ideas presented in this seminar.


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