Psychoanalytic Film Festival

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Friday 31 January + Saturday 1 February 2020
DCU School of Nursing, Psychotherapy and Community Health at Collins Avenue Entrance

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11th Annual Psychoanalytic Film Festival. Citizen 2020: Law, Desire, Transformations

The 11th Irish psychoanalytic film festival considers how cinema frames the 21st century citizen. What transformations, mutations, and hybrids are imagined by cinema? What does cinema tell us, describe, or otherwise install in the Symbolic around the psyche of the 21st century citizen. How are themes pertaining to citizenry -law, ethics, responsibility, crime- mobilised by, and coordinated with, the contemporary citizen’s desire?

We are privileged to have as our keynote speaker Professor Todd McGowan (University of Vermont). Along with Slavoj Žižek, Todd McGowan is one of the most eminent and prolific writers at the intersections of psychoanalysis and cinema, and psychoanalysis and politics at work today.