,slider-lacunaeLacunae is an international journal for Freudian and Lacanian psychoanalysis and is published by the Association of Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy in Ireland Ltd. (APPI Ltd). The journal is dedicated to the advancement of Lacanian psychoanalysis in Ireland and abroad. The aim of the journal is to create a forum that will encourage and develop a Lacanian clinic and apply Freudian and Lacanian theory to the areas of mental health, art, science, culture and politics.

Lacunae seeks to advance psychoanalysis and so has made available for free and for a period of time certain of its articles in each issue, thanks to the generosity of its contributors. On-line articles will be regularly updated.

Submissions are always welcomed. Please use the links below for Guidelines and Style Sheets:

Lacunae Guidelines for Contributors
Lacunae Style Sheet for Contributors
or contact the editor directly at: editorlacunae@gmail.com


Editorial Board
Hugh Arthurs, Olga Cox-Cameron, Joanne Conway, Claire Hawkes, Pauline O’Callaghan (Chair), Peter O’Connell, Harriet Parsons, Marie Walshe, Eve Watson (Editor), Patricia Stewart, Rob Weatherill.
International Editorial Board
Bernard Burgoyne, Martin J. Daly, Russell Grigg, Rik Loose, Dany Nobus, Ellie Ragland, Alan Rowan, Paul Verhaeghe, Véronique Voruz.


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